What is Anesuinstudio?

Anesuinstudio is Anesu’s digital “playground,” created as a space for rendering film and story as a form of experimentation and a means for organising the world through creative non-fiction. She believes that reality will give as much or as little as we are prepared to render from it. Through this work, Anesu attempts to use stories to punctuate life in meaningful and mending ways for herself, and anyone who will listen.


Why this work?

Creative non-fiction is seductive in its promise that she too can be its muse. It is where the blond-haired, narrowed-nosed protagonists of her favourite childhood films can go to become kinky-haired and broad-nosed too. The beckoning, for her, is in coming awake to the realization that there are no inferior stories. With each photograph of her mother, with each poem about her father, with each film about their grief, she is reminded that there is beauty to be found everywhere—always startled to remember that there is beauty at home.


How does she create?

Her process for creating begins and ends with conversation. She hopes to make art that touches something—that makes contact with someone. She wants to create work that is influenced and qualified by real people, and this cannot be done in isolation. It is when she is in community and attuned to the irretrievable shared-ness of the world, that she feels most able to understand and apply herself to her art in ways that are relevant and honest. She needs her work to be constantly inquisitive, to be constantly brushing up against someone. Such work requires community.