Creative non-fiction is where the blond-haired, narrowed-nosed protagonists of Anesu’s favourite childhood films can go to become kinky-haired and broad-nosed too. The beckoning, for her, is in coming awake to the realization that there are no inferior stories. With each photograph of her mother, with each poem about her father, with each film about their grief, she is reminded that there is beauty to be found everywhere—always startled to remember that there is beauty at home.

The majority of Anesu’s work is inspired by home: it searches for home, it recreates and re-envisions home, it goes home. She is drawn to documentary/nonfiction work for the possibility of telling the unheard stories of minorities and marginalized communities that have been historically kept from the screen—like those of her home. Her main artistic medium is writing—primarily lyrical/poetic non-fiction, however her passion for storytelling has inspired her to delve into other mediums to augment her writing and widen her scope i.e., videography, video editing and audio editing. Her latest project is a short film titled “Mufambe Mushe,” which explores grief through a Southern-African lens.


Editing Software Training (high proficiency): Adobe Premiere; DaVinci Resolve; Adobe Audition

Camera Training: Canon EOS Rebel T7; Canon EOS M200; Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Languages: English; Shona